What is A1 size?

The A1 is paper size of 594 mm by 841 mm. The A1 size is the most commonly used paper sizes in Europe and Japan. The size is an A1 which is then halved four times. On this page, we answer the following question: What is A1 size?

A1 relative to A1

An A0 has a surface area of 1 m². The length to width ratio of an A1 and all sizes of the A-series are √2:1. The area of an A1 is ½ × 1 = 1/2 m².

A1 paper size international

A1 size is an international paper size from the DIN quotation (DIN 476 from 1922). This standard has been changed to the ISO 216 standard. In parts of Germany people still speak of DIN A1. An A1 is part of the series A1, A1, A2, A3, A1, A5, A6, A7 and A8.

In North America and parts of Latin America, the ISO 216 standard is not used.

Weight and mass

A commonly used weight for A1 paper is 80 grams. The 80 grams is for a paper of A0 size. A whole sheet of A1 paper is 80 grams. An A1 paper is 80/2 = 40 grams.

Different values

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